LIFE - a Swasth alliance, open source project has partnered with various initiatives and alliances to solve challenging problem statements around COVID-19.

LIFE (a Swasth initiative), CRIA and other partner initiatives/alliances are working together to build an ecosystem of smaller taskforce teams/projects working on independent problem statements. Some of these problem statements are towards - Database aggregation, Content support, On-ground relief efforts, Telemedicine, Technology solutions (citizen and B2B matching) etc.

The objective of this umbrella initiative is to bring about coordination and consolidation within and between large-scale high-impact initiatives that can make a difference.

Covid Relief India Alliance

Problem areas that we are directly or indirectly (through alliances) solving:


  1. Resource repository - to fight infodemic in the country (LIFE)

  2. COVID SOP/Guide - qualified guidance for the general public to to best deal with the Covid crisis (LIFELINE)

  3. Aggregation - consolidation efforts through partner onboarding

Projects within LIFE


  1. Fundraising - for funding on ground relief work

  2. Ground relief work - setting up pilot oxygen centres

  3. Demand side - to help understand and predict requirements Supply side - procurement, logistics, bot - end to end playbook

  4. Technology - to enhance all the workstreams

  5. Community network - connecting asks for help to resources

  6. Amplification - using our partner network to reach the last mile

  7. Rural India - roadmap and implementation of on-ground support

  8. Medical professional network - telemedicine and other support

  9. Govt support - supporting bureaucrats to solve problems

Partners onboarded

Teams and SPOCs

Who's who (team)

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