Covid Relief India Alliance

CRIA - Covid Relief India Alliance is a COVID volunteer coalition to integrate covid relief resources database initiatives into one backend API that can power frontends.

What do we do?

We directly partner with initiatives based on the kind of project they are working on. Our primary focus is on ensuring that we enable an ecosystem of database-related initiatives. We envision a world where verified information sitting on one database is made use of by every other platform providing help. By joining the alliance you ensure that a larger number of people are benefitted by getting access to your verified data across multiple platforms through our integrated API project.

Projects or themes within CRIA

  1. Integration of databases into one

  2. Oxygen centre pilot in Bangalore

  3. Demand supply prediction, matching model

  4. Tertiary support - procurement, logistics, funding

  5. Technology innovations through an open-source community

  6. Content oriented efforts to guide citizens, initiatives, caregivers, volunteers

Our ecosystem

We aim to build a universe of grassroots organisations, NGOs, citizens that are providing Covid Relief and empower them to sustain, amplify and accelerate their efficiency. By using the force of consolidation we aim to remove redundancies, silos that exist in our covid relief efforts.

. Apply here to join the alliance.

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