Capacity building

Whatsapp group of StartupsVsCovid-19

This is a group of folks working on oo and associated infrastructure for tackling the current Covid-19 situation.

In case you have a product, design or prototype: Please use this form to seek support for at scale design & development of Equipment / Devices or Other critical care needs for COVID 19 (Although not mandatory: Our preference is to scale products already having some presence in the market). In case you're looking for any assistance (logistics, regulatory approvals, funds).

Some products:

  1. Oxygen based mechanical ventilator - a breathing assistant device Maltesh S and Aequs Aerospace. Ideal for people with SpO2 in the range of 80-95, who need oxygen but not really intubation. This will free up ventilators for those who really need it. Priced at Rs.10,000. NGOs like Rotary international have been also involved to distribute this to Tier II / III locations where ventilators don't exist

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