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"We are fighting a bigger crisis than this Pandemic. It is called Info-demic"

What is this?

An SOP FAQ of sorts to guide patients, attendants and family members on what to do at the time of crisis in all possible situations - is needed much more than ever. This will be in the form of blogs, infographic, videos etc. primarily displayed on in the open-source content page. It could be used by anyone by ensuring proper credits.

Why is this needed?

I lead efforts at where we provide contacts for oxygen, beds, plasma, doctor consultation, counselling, food, stay, helpline, etc. However, even that is not helping at the time of crisis. I am getting frantic calls of people looking for beds for their father, relative, friend, son...

It is disheartening to not be able to help even when you are sitting on a database of 10,000+ contacts.

Inviting public health professionals, social workers, individual volunteers, celebrities, content folks, researchers, administration folks to write on this database to guide people.

Operating model:

We are operating out of a whatsapp group, started by startupsvscovid. We have revived it for this initiative. If you are (or know someone) doing something similar on creating FAQs/SOPs for people to find the best way to get help, please connect them to us (or vice versa). This content is open source and can be used with permission and credits. We are partnering with Swasth's internal content team to work together on this. We are looking for similar initiatives to merge efforts and build a Wikipedia or University for all things Covid.

How to join the team?

To join and be a volunteer - simply join our slack and enter the #coronasafe-life-sop channel to get involved.

Future plans

This content would be provided to all the covidrelief sites to display on their site alongside contacts to guide a patient better.🙏 We will then take help of design and content teams to disseminate the information.

let us all combine our experiences to write - what is working best, in this chaos. How were you able to arrange for beds, oxygen etc.

Roadmap for the future

Our step by step roadmap/Action plan

  • [ ] Compile existing content resources from credible places - Medanta, Aiims, ICMR, MCI, Other bodies

  • [ ] Curate content to mix government, private and qualified opinions at one place to give to people credible information on what we know already

  • [ ] Dissemination strategy to rural India by using our contacts - Kisaan morcha, NGO, Crowdera, Sattva after language translation

  • [ ] Public focused webinars, youtube videos

  • [ ] Add these content to all the covid relief websites that are a part of alliance

Submissions for content

If you come across relevant content that could help us please upload on this form.

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