How you can get started

Everything you need to know to get started on the integration of database with ours.

Do not know anything about us?

Apply here to join the alliance. Onboarding and Outreach team led by Dr. Pallabi and Aditya Shetty would help you to get an overview.

As part of the Onboarding team, we reach out to partners (local, national volunteer groups) who have expressed interest to work with us. Our job is to connect with these people and integrate their database of suppliers of covid relief.

We have two kinds of leads, 1. Partners who filled the form & 2. Partners we need to reach out to. We start with 1, and then go on 2. Currently, due to the influx of interest, we are only reaching out to partners who have filled out our form.

After onboarding

Data and Coordination team will help you to understand the process of migration into the system. There are several steps, we need to convert the format of your google sheet into ours, to enable seamless integration with other sheets and the API. Ashiya Ghosh from our team is the right person for this.

Integration of Database

What we would need to integrate your database?

  1. POC from your team who has a good understanding of your data, tech, ops

  2. Google sheet edit access link to be shared on

How we can help you?

Value proposition

How can you be involved (partners)

  1. Join our slack #coronasafe-life-partners and #coronasafe-life channels

  2. Share your introduction and use the forum for inter-initiative and CRIA coordination

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