Value proposition

Build the most valuable enriched open-source database that is accessible across initiatives and channels (website, bot, apps). Help people get right data at the right time, anywhere (across channels).

Value proposition for the initiatives that onboard the integrated database efforts:

Help reaches far and wide: Your data gets linked to the API being used by many initiatives to display covid related resources to their reach. You get an opportunity to pass on the knowledge of your verified leads to someone who wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

Access user feedback: With the help of our frontend feedback systems we will be able to give you specific data on which information has been reported by the public, which contact has been downvoted significantly as not helpful. You could then get your volunteers to check, remove, or update the same.

Access the wider pool of database: You can use our API to integrate other verified data into your website, bot, google sheet etc. This way you can provide a larger database to your team.

Database generation: Once we allocate a particular database division to you (for example - Oxygen+Bangalore) in case we come across relevant information from any other database, we pass on the data to you regularly to add to your database. You could use it as a raw lead, which could then be verified. This will be absorbed by the API and will be shown on the website.

Volunteer-Ops automation: We could provide you with several options to automate your internal verification operations. Instead of having to give access to your entire database to a large number of volunteers for volunteers. We could provide you support in the form of an app that will absorb your data and give only unverified leads to volunteers to verify in a self-assist, self-serve manner. You can then have as many volunteers using that app to reduce your backlog of unverified leads.

Access resources to support: We could connect you to volunteer providers, fundraising organisations, tech resources, marketing and amplification opportunities and any other support as and when you may need from us.

Inter-initiative learning curve: Coordination between initiatives will help us learn from each others' experiences. What is working out where. We could use the network to innovate and come together in a better manner, instead of working in silos. To facilitate better exchange of information.

Cheerleaders for your cause: Our community of folks from all around the world, reputed organisation are proud of the work you have achieved so far. We will be your biggest cheerleaders and advocates. We will connect you to anyone who is looking out for a similar initiative that may help them.

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