1. Data Collation

Data Collation - Standardisation Guide. Current SPOC - Ashiya Ghosh

This is the guide for one time data collation work to convert the Master DB into standard format, then merge all the resources into ONE sheet. This FAQ below can be used further to guide other DBs google sheets that get added to our system.

Data structure tab shows the new format use this as your guide. Check out for help - Video, Sample Data | Use the DONE sheets, to help you see how others did it.


Commonly asked questions:

Each row has 2 states and 2 cities (A,B and H,I) which one to actually use? We have city name in all the rows not districts.

Ans: We just want a district name.. Use all the 3 to guide you.We need to convert it to districts. Upto u how u wanna do it, when u wanna do it..

even though quantity available is a required field, it wont apply to plasma.

Ans: Leave qty available blank;

An additional column POC is mentioned in the raw data. Should I be mentioning it?

Ans : Not needed. You can ignore the data

Data Onboarding SPOC works on the following problem statement:

  1. Can we make the district, state information - all in one sheet? So that volunteers can just add that page on their sheet, and do a look up or choice formula to just pick up district.

  2. Some districts are absent from that sheet - Ahmedabad

  3. Can you make it - a formula kind of sheet, that users can just copy and put it in their sub sheet. They will just have to link the district column. The data is already there on the district sheet.

  4. Some districts are in 2 states. Since we will only have district column, it makes sense to write Bilaspur (CG) and Bilaspur (HP) as the district name. These need changes in the format sheet.

  5. Need to change categories of verification status to - Available and verified, Unavailable but verified, Invalid, Unresponsive, Pending. And this needs to change to Choice instead of a string.

  6. Also some are PAN India resources so district would be? Pan India data - for that just make a note of it and keep the district blank. instead of making a different sheet for pan India data - let us add one more option in district called "National'. Which will automatically know that this is national. Then district column will show national. And we can pick from the same linked-lookup list, don't have to do anything extraordinary here.

  7. Pranshu: can u add your hospital and oxy sheet above to help ppl see the right way to do things?

  8. some doctors are giving statewide teleconsultations, I'll keep the district column empty for them

More such feedbacks I ll keep posting on the excel and here as comments. I hope it reaches to the owners of that sheet and they resolve it (or ppl with edit access). Without this, it will confuse the people who are collating and other initiatives in future)

Can you ensure these feedbacks are incorporated on the google sheet and above - Life general structure are guidance (documented there?)

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